Wedding Dress Bridezilla?

After Annette sent me a link to her fabric comparison shopping video so I could see what I had to choose from in her area, I could tell we had a problem.

It was time to be BRIDEZILLA!

Chele: “What do you mean it was TOO dark?”
Annette: (stuttering) “I don’t understand what happened…”
Chele: “How hard is it to match a color to another?”
Annette: (sobbing) “I will try again. I will go every fabric store in Illinois tomorrow!”
Chele: “You better FIND THE COLOR tomorrow or you are FIRED!”

Nah… not really! I could never be mean to the Quiet Mom Annette! 😉

We discussed the different colors on the video and the different textures and we mutually agreed on the lovely champagne Shantung with matching lace. It was more elegant anyway!

Annette did worry a bit and she is STILL paranoid that I don’t like it. I have no idea why. It’s not like I’ve ever acted crazy or anything… well OK, maybe I have a few months ago, but that’s not relevant now!

I had Nannie measure me so Annette and my seamstress team could be sure to purchase enough fabric.

I also heard rumors of a practice dress being made and even a camo version of the dress to be sure to keep the attention of my hunting groom! I could hardly wait to see how the project unfolded next!


  1. You’re so friggin cute. I’m so sorry I’ve missed all of this. Where in the hell have I been????


  2. Normally I’d just think you didn’t like me anymore, Nell. Seeing as how I was a little busy myself, I guess I’ll let you slide! 😉

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