Wedding Dress Fabric Problems

After deciding on a pattern, it was time to select the fabric. This should have been a piece of cake. Except…

  • I live in a small town so selection is limited.
  • I wanted to do this with my mother and she’s a night owl.
  • Wal-mart is open late but was only well stocked for making quilts.

So, we make the best of it! In our great selection to choose from, we settled on a costume polyester to make color selections. We were pretty sure that if we got something close enough to make us happy that Annette could find something comparable and most likely far more superior in Chicago.

Nope, Not It!I took a camera along so that I could have Mom photograph me holding the fabric and I could see how it would look on me. Personally, I think it was the most brilliant thing I’ve done so far in this project! 😉

Yeah, That's Nice!Pardon the flat hair that totally went to bed as I waited hours for my mom to wake up and meet me to visit Wal-mart…

We liked the champagne (it’s so obviously cocoa, but give me a break, I was in love) color so much that we decided to buy it and ship it to Annette. This is where my eternal jinx came in to play. The fabric was a clearance item because it was damaged. The entire bolt would be needed and the entire bolt was imperfect. We settled for a strip of the fabric to ship to Annette to take shopping at a fabric store in her neck of the woods. Or city.

The next day as I was preparing to mail the fabric scrap, the neighbor sent my youngest boy home with a wedding dress he had found left behind in one of his rent houses. I now had a freebie dress. Which was really cool except…

  • Kathryn & Tara were already excited about starting our project.
  • I was pretty excited about the wedding dress project.
  • The freebie dress was made for a really tall, skinny girl. (At last it pays to be average and frumpy!)

I loved the look of the lace on the dress the neighbor sent over and he said we could do whatever we wanted to do with it. So I popped it in the mail with my fabric scrap to give my little sewing princesses some ideas.

This is where things really start to get interesting! Annette, Kathryn and Tara go shopping to find the fabric. Read about their fabric shopping trip and see the video of the fabric comparison.


  1. Ha ha! I love that you chose a “cocoa” color. Yay for chocolate!

    Congratulations Chele!


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