When 1st Graders Grow Up…

Last night was open house for Biscuit and it went rather well. I was informed that Biscuit may be too smart for his own good (she noticed, too?) and that most of his warnings in class for talking was because he is not challenged and finishes his work before the other kids. He also reads things that other students can’t yet read inside the classroom. That part wasn’t really surprising to me after I walked in his room and heard him reading a book for teens that he found on the bookshelf.

So after the conference with his teacher, we looked at all the art the class had done in preparation for Open House. One section of the wall decorating the entrance to the classroom was “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” and I just had to share some of these because they made me giggle:

  • Three girls want to be a cheerleader when they grow up.
  • One boy wants to “Ride in space and look for aliens when I grow up”.
  • Another boy wants to be Nacho Libre.

Biscuit decided he wants to be a teacher. Thank goodness because his desire to be a whistle blower had me worried!

This all reminded me of being in first grade myself and doing the same project for my own Open House. I will never forget my mother’s face when she saw my paper. Betcha can’t guess what I wanted to be?

A babysitter. Yeah, how ironic. Thank God I came to my senses. 😀


  1. Hey, there aren’t enough alien-hunters around. Good thing some first graders have it on their list. 😉

  2. Nacho Libre? Oh brother! LOL.

  3. I wanted to work at McDonald’s when I was young because someone told me that got free food. Thank god I got past wanting to do that at an early age.

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