Wordless Wednesday: PMS = Hubby Makes Dinner

PMS Dinner

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  1. what a healthy meal :) Cute. Happy WW.

  2. To funny… I wonder how that tastes…

  3. What a lovely gesture !

  4. Oh how Yummy…. 😉

  5. Where’s the ham? Happy WW.

  6. LOL…that’s hilarious. Gotta love PMS.

  7. Hmm…that’s peanut butter or cheese? 😀

  8. That’s about the same as when my husband makes dinner. Hilarious!

  9. My Dad used to be perfectly happy with a mustard sandwich for lunch. Nice shot and I like your site – very cheeky!

  10. … a funny picture .) Happy W.W.!

  11. WAY funny…love it!

  12. Very funny but looks yummy

  13. Looks like one fun sandwhich!

  14. Great picture! Did you eat it then?

  15. this is cute! hehe! :)

    happy WW!!

  16. My son would love that sandwich.

  17. Haha, funny!

  18. Very cute and funny!

  19. nice photo. happy ww

  20. Too funny! Happy WW!

  21. Hilarious!!

  22. Oh my goodness! LOL I can’t resist drawing faces either.

  23. Just mustard? Oh well….okay, I’ll take it. [cute photo]

    Come by and join me with some of my Halloween Punch & W W!!!

  24. That’s too funny! Great WW!

  25. That’s your dinner? :p

  26. LOL. I do that to my kid’s sandwiches.

  27. Love it! Had a toothache and migraine last night and hubby took over dinner duties…they all had cereal! 😉

  28. haha…yeah, that is SO true, the things our hubby’s come up with for dinner…yikes! haha 😉

  29. Love it! Great WW! Thanks for sharing. And let me just say, I love the name of your blog!!
    – Audrey
    Pinks & Blues
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  30. HA – very clever!

  31. LOVED IT!
    Thanks for sharing and Happy WW!

  32. I bet my kids would stop complaining about a normal meal if they got that one night…………….

  33. hilarious!! :)

  34. My friend’s kids love to eat mustard and cheese sandwiches!

  35. oh, what a funny picture. happy ww

  36. Oh my gosh way too funny! LMAO!

  37. Lol . PMS – watch me make 10 of them and eat’em.


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