WW: Da Ya Think Im Sexy?

Chele & Precious
Come back Thursday for the story behind this photo!
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  1. Who is that guy walking up behind you in the photo? Can’t wait for TMT!

  2. Is that booze or a microphone? Hmmmm, knowing you I’d say booze. lol Teasing. Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s TMT.


  3. Ok this is really sad but what stood out in the photo was the little glimpse of the alcohol bottle in your hand. And if I’m not mistaken it’s a bottle of one of those Vodka Smirnoff drinks. I’m pretty positive that’s what it is anyways. Cause ya know I’m a big lush and all 😉 No not really but that’s what I drank the last time I went out and I remember the bottle & for some odd reason that’s what stuck out. Aside from that – you one hot mamma :-)

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