WW: This Is For The Birds…

Come back Thursday for the story behind this photo!
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  1. awwwww. I want one.


  2. Awww. Too cute. I can even hear the noises they make in my head. My dad used to hatch chicks a couple times a year.

    I did two WW today. One at My Ordinary Things then more photos from the same shoot at Rattitude

  3. I love those baby chicks! (Til they turn into chicken. LOL!)
    So cute!

  4. I found you today on TMT as one of their WW featured links. Those chicks are so cute. I love how there are 2 yellow ones and 2 brown ones.

    I have my TMT and WW posted on my blog as well at The Blonde Diaries.

    Happy WW and TMT!

  5. Way to catch our attention and make us wait for something interesting! I had to go to your Thursday post just to see what the story was really about with this picture. Cool story! I’ll read more of your similar posts!


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