You Know Its Love When

I’ve been saving this post in draft form for a little while because it was deeply personal to me. I decided it was silly not to share it. If it was worth feeling and typing, it must be worth reading.

When I was a little girl, my daddy told me that I would know when a boy/man cared about me by looking for a specific sign. If I waited for this sign, I would make a good choice.

“You will know a boy/man cares about you if he blushes when he tries to hold your hand. If he isn’t nervous about it, then he doesn’t care about you.”

I thought it was pretty good advice for a really long time. The man that raised me was a good, honest, decent man. He chose to be my daddy and he didn’t have to be. I trusted what he said. Over the years, I’ve learned that my father was a better man than I realized. The advice he gave me was how HE knew that HE cared for my mother. This was huge for him because he wasn’t great at showing his emotions or affection.

I’ve also learned over the years that a boy/man that has any interest in a girl/woman can be nervous and blush the first time he touches her hand. It’s just how chemistry works. I have also learned that all men don’t have problems showing their emotions or freely giving affection.

Now I know there are other ways to honestly recognize love:

He Locks the Door
Since the first visit to my home, David has always locked my door on his way out. He’s never left me and my children in our own home without doing this. I never asked him to do it or made a big deal out of it. He did it on his own and I’ve taken quiet notice of how he’s NEVER stopped.

Good Morning Texts
Every morning, I get a sweet text message from David. If he knows I’m awake, it tells me that he misses me. It tells me he loves me. It wishes me a great day. If he knows I’m asleep, it tells me all those things and says he hopes I’m having sweet dreams.

He Buries Your Dog
David had a special trip planned with his friend to go to “Man Heaven” A.K.A. Bass Pro Shop. It’s not that big of a deal to some people, but the closest one to us is nearly 2 hours away. That makes it HUGE that he called his buddy and canceled the trip because my beloved dog was dying and I was a complete mess. Not only did he drive me to the vet and carry her in, but he carried her back out and buried her for me because I refused to leave her body for the vet to dispose of.

So far, David has taught me that love can be a quiet, simple gesture. Love is persistence without fail. Love is being the priority.

Of course, there’s plenty more ways that I know this man loves me. Maybe I’ll share them as I continue to witness them.

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